Altar Servers

Coordinator: Joy Smiley

Arrive to Church 15 minutes prior to Mass time.
Volunteer to substitute or trade when necessary.
Don't forget to sign in for your shift.
Hang your robes up neatly.
Weekday servers should walk to school together for safety reasons.

Students provide service to the Sacred Heart parish by volunteering as altar servers at masses. Altar servers are important participants in the mass.

Server News

Altar Servers Honored

Altar servers participated in a blessing during the 9:30 AM mass on 21-Sep-2008.


The schedules are in PDF format.

The altar serving schedule and the contact list is distributed at school for the Sacred Heart kids and via email for the CCD kids and parish kids. The schedule is also posted on the school website (the contact list is not due to safety issues).

Monsignor Walton requests that students serve two days in a row so that they become more familiar with procedures.

If a server is unable to serve on his/her designated Mass, he/she must find a replacement.

Servers need to help each other out by making trades if a conflict arises.

Please encourage your child to volunteer, if necessary.

Remind your child to sign in and hang up robes.

Week-day servers should walk to school together for safety reasons.
Questions regarding scheduling please call the altar server coordinator.