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Rev. Msgr. Robert P. Walton, Pastor
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Theresa Sparks, School Principal Parish School 456-1576
Tila Madrigal, Rel. Ed. Coordinator, 947-2683
Dr. Donald Kendrick, Music Director, 847-0424
Rita Spillane RCIA & Adult Faith Formation Director 452-4830
Paul Sunderman Youth Minister 456-1576

Faith First > Belief in God

Belief in God

The heavy questions that strike us as we travel through life often force us to face the issue of God’s existence.  Most people conclude that God exists, even though no one can see God.  They are like the little boy who flew a kite so high that it soared into some low-flying clouds.  A passerby asked the boy how he knew the kite was still up in the sky.  The boy told the inquisitor to put his hand on the string and feel the pull of the unseen kite.  God's existence and presence are like this.  We may not see God face-to-face, but we can feel God’s tug on our hearts.  This tug reveals that we are religious beings by nature; we seek God and we allow God to seek us.

Not everyone in our world agrees, however.  For example, atheists, for various reasons, deny God's existence.  Some, who trust only in material reality, claim God cannot be experienced with the senses; hence, for them, God does not exist.  Others hold that belief in God downgrades what it means to be human; for them, humanity is the only god. Still others reject the notion of God because they find the suffering and evil in the world incompatible with the existence of a supreme and loving Being.  And, in truth, some are atheists because they do not want a religion and its God telling them how to behave, perhaps urging them to change an irresponsible, selfish, or immoral lifestyle.

Between the believers and the atheists are the agnostics who claim that we cannot know for certain if there is a God or not.  Hence, they decide not to decide.  The question of the existence of God makes little practical difference in their lives.

Atheists and agnostics—and also self-named believers who are in fact indifferent to spiritual realities—challenge believers to reflect more deeply on their own faith and why they believe in God.



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