Marriage as a Covenant

The Church teaches us that the sacrament of Marriage mirrors God’s covenant of love with His people. By giving us His Son, the Father loves us freely and faithfully keeps His promises to us. Jesus—the greatest sign of God’s love—draws us into community, showers us with unexpected gifts, relates to us as unique individuals, and invites us to grow in love by serving others.

In the covenant of marriage, a husband and wife freely bind themselves together for life. Theirs is an open-ended commitment to love exclusively. No time conditions or any other conditions are put on their relationship. In sickness or health, in poverty or wealth, in good times and in bad times, the couple promises to be faithful. A marriage covenant commitment mirrors God’s unconditional love for His people. If a man and woman insist on certain conditions when getting married, they are simply engaged in a legal contract.

In Christian marriage love is freely given and faithfully weathers the trials that come its way. Christian marriage is life-giving because through it God gives the married couple the privilege of procreating life.

It is full of surprises, providing countless opportunities to grow in holiness.

It is a concrete way to live the Christian life of love and service in the context of family living.

It is a place to receive the Lord who showers the couple with the graces to love each other with the very love He has for the Church. These graces perfect the human love of the spouses, strengthen their indissoluble unity, and sanctify them on their journey to eternal life.