Mary Mother of the Church

In reflecting on the identity of Jesus, the early Church, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, taught that Jesus is one divine person who has both a human nature and a divine from the very first moment of his conception. Thus, at the Council of Ephesus (AD 431) the Church solemnly taught that Mary is “Mother of God”.

By being the mother of Jesus, Mary is truly the mother of God. It is most appropriate for Christians to address Mary with the lofty title: Mother of God.

But Mary is also our mother, the Mother of the Church. As He hung dying on the cross, Jesus gave His mother to all people everywhere to serve as their spiritual mother. “This is your mother,” He said (John 19:27). Mary is the new Eve who fully cooperated with the Holy Spirit to bring Christ into the world and the world to Christ. By giving Mary to us as our mother, the Lord wishes the Church to learn what God does for those He loves. The Church also has a maternal role. As such the Church can learn much from Mary, the perfect model of faith, obedience, fidelity, compassion, and prayerfulness. Mary is the model of Christian holiness and an image of God’s love for His people.