Salvation History

Salvation HistoryThe story of God's self-disclosure, God's saving action in history, is known as salvation history. The story of God's generous love began with the creation of our first parents. After their fall God promised to redeem us and gave hope of eternal life to the human race. God's abiding love revealed itself in covenant—loving agreements between God and humans. For example, in the covenant with Noah after the Flood, God immediately began to reach out to the divided peoples with the goal of eventually uniting all people in Christ our Lord.

A profound event in God's plan was the covenant with Abraham and the creation of the nation of Israel. Through the patriarchs, the founding fathers of Israel, and Moses, through whom God revealed the divine law, God taught the people of Israel to acknowledge him as the one true God. Through prophets like Isaiah and Jeremiah, God gave Israel hope for salvation: a future Messiah who would write a new covenant in the hearts of all humans. The poor and humble, whose dependence on God was shown beautifully in the life of Mary the Mother of God, bear this hope in a special way.

Salvation history reached its high point in the coming of Jesus Christ, the fullness of God's revelation. Jesus is the Word of God made flesh, the Son, who lived among us, taught us in human words and deeds about his Father, and completed the Father's work of salvation. Jesus is God's final Word; God has no other word to give us. To see Jesus is to see the Father.