The Blessed Trinity--Unity in Community

Our minds can never fully grasp the mystery of God. We can never explain three divine persons in the one divine nature. We simply believe it as a truth that Jesus in the Holy Spirit revealed to us.

We believe that our one God is a Father who loves us and will never forget us. We believe that God is our Savior Jesus Christ who loved us so much that he gave up his life so that we can have eternal life. We believe that God is a Spirit of love who dwells within us.

This privileged knowledge of our God can fill us with a sense of peace and confidence about our future. Friends may abandon us; family members may disappoint us; setbacks will inevitably come our way. But God will never let us down. God lives in us. We need but spend some time in prayer to be aware of God's presence and allow God's love to penetrate us.

Our God is a God who knows and loves. God is a community of persons. To be godlike means to know, love, and serve God by joining others in community. Our eternal destiny is to pray to the Father, through the Son, in the Holy Spirit of love. The Holy Spirit unites us to the Father and to Jesus and to every other person. The Holy Spirit helps us look at others and ourselves with love and appreciation. Our knowledge of God is a great gift we have been given, and it can help us live our lives in a hopeful way.

Jesus came to reveal the nature of reality. He came to tell us about God and about ourselves, God's children. In revealing the nature of God as unity-in-community, community-in-unity, Jesus told us a profound truth about human life as well. As we journey on our pilgrimage to the Father, with Jesus our brother, in the Holy Spirit, we should remember that a goal of Christian life is to join with our fellow pilgrims in approaching our Father.