What Did Jesus Teach? (Part 1)

This is a series of short summaries of some of the major points of Jesus' teaching, His good news. We invite you to read and prayerfully reflect on the Scripture passages given for each point.

The reign of God is here. The term "reign (or kingdom) of God" refers to God's active participation in life, both in heaven and on earth. God's presence can be detected in the actions of justice, peace, and love. Jesus himself ushers in God's reign. His healing of people's physical, emotional, and spiritual hurts were signs of the kingdom. Jesus taught that although the reign of God starts small and will meet resistance, it will inevitably grow and powerfully transform all humanity. (Read Mark 4:1-20; 26-32.)

God is a loving Father. Jesus' address of God as "Abba" highlights God's love for everyone as a parent tenderly loves a child. God"s love is so great that Abba sent His only Son to live among us and gain eternal life for us. We can approach God with confidence, knowing in faith that Abba will provide for us and answer our most pressing needs. (Read Luke 11:1-13.)

God is merciful. The parable of the lost son shows the depths of God's mercy. In the parable, the father accepts the wayward son back into his household even though the son squandered his inheritance in a sinful, wasteful life. Because God is so forgiving, Jesus taught that we should be joyful, happy people who imitate the Father by forgiving those who have hurt us and showing mercy to all. (Read Luke 15:11-32.)

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