What is Mary's Role in the Church?

Mary, foremost among the saints, has a special place in the story of salvation history. Her role in the Church flows and is inseparable from her union with her son. Her "yes" at the annunciation consented to the Lord's Incarnation, thus collaborating with her Son's work from the beginning.

The New Testament reports that she was singled out and graced by God for the special and unique privilege of being the mother of the Savior: Not fully understanding how she, an unmarried woman, was to conceive a child, she became the perfect symbol of faith when she said yes to the invitation to bear God's Son. With her husband, Joseph, Mary raised Jesus in a loving, prayer-filled home, teaching and caring for him.

When Jesus launched His public ministry, Mary faithfully witnessed and supported him. With courage and sorrow in her heart, she stood at the foot of the cross in Jesus' dying moments. Finally, the Bible tells us that Mary was with the apostles praying in the upper room after Jesus' resurrection, expectantly awaiting the descent of the Holy Spirit. The Church teaches that Mary is the greatest Christian saint. She is the perfect model of Christian faith and love because she obeyed the Father's will, cooperated with her son's redemptive work, and responded to the graces of the Holy Spirit.