Will Jesus Come Again?

Our profession of faith proclaims that Jesus will come in all his glory at the end of time. This second coming of Christ, known as the Parousia, will mark the end of the world as we know it. On this day, all creatures in the universe will acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Scripture tells us that God's full reign will be established then, bringing about the definitive order of justice, love, and peace to all people. As to its exact day and hour, however, no one knows it. Jesus himself said this knowledge was hidden (Mk. 13:32) and that we should live each day as though it were our last. We should always be ready to meet our Lord.

The twenty-fifth chapter of Matthew's gospel gives the criterion for the Lord's judgment of all people and nations: agape love, selfless love for others. He will ask questions like this: Did we give food to the hungry and drink to the thirsty? Did we extend hospitality to strangers? Clothe the naked? Visit the sick and imprisoned? In brief, did we respond to Jesus through others, especially the "least" of our brothers and sisters?