Frequently Asked Questions about the Sacred Heart website.

Who is the webmaster of sacheart.org?
The webmaster is a volunteer position. It is currently a school parent and parishioner. You can always contact the current webmaster at webmaster@sacheart.org.
How can I get information onto the site?
All information for the parish website must be approved by the Pastor. Information for the school must be approved by the Principal. You can send any suggestions to the webmaster. If you have suggestions for any specific section of the site, you can send it to the contact for that section or the webmaster who will forward the information.
Will you link to my site?
The Links section contains links approriate to the Catholic community at Sacred Heart. Like all information it must be approved by the Pastor. Our general philosophy is to include official links only on our site. However, we are open to considering links to other helpful sites. Please send your suggestion to the webmaster. However, we reserve the right to refuse any site link request.
Why don't you have information about . . . ?
The webmaster is a volunteer position. The information placed on the website is only as good as the information the webmaster receives. If you feel that specific information should be maintained on the website, please contact the webmaster. If you feel that something is inappropriate for the website, please contact us also. We will consult with the Pastor and principal as appropriate to determine the appropriate action for this information.
Can I search the website?
We provide a link to Google search for this site. Because our site is not very large, Google does not index the site frequently. More recent information will probably not be available through the search.
How do I find contact information for a parish/school member?
Because privacy is important to use, we do not maintain a parish/school list on the website. Please contact the parish or school office as appropriate for contact information. Contact information for the Parish is available in the left-hand column on each page. School contact information is available on the school site.