Site Map

The main menu contains links to the major sections of the site. Here is some information about the various sections.

The parish site is the main site for the parish. It contains information about parish activities, the bulletin, the calendar and other publications of the parish.
The school site is a separate site for specific school information
News & Events
This section takes you to the various publications of the parish and school as well as the calendar. We try to keep events in a common place so that you can organize your busy life. Choose your selection from the main menu. There is no actual News & Events section.
Sacred Heart is a vibrant Catholic community which involves a number of ministries. Here, you can find information about these various ministries, information on how you can become part of these ministries and benefit from their continued efforts.
These are links related to the Sacred Heart Parish community. Here you can find helpful links on all aspects of our Catholic community and the Catholic (Christian) faith.
Faith First
Our faith is central to all our activities at Sacred Heart. This section contains brief articles on various aspects of our Catholic faith.
Site Help
This section, with information about the Sacred Heart website.

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